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About me

I am Executive Director and President of Open Humans Foundation and co-founder of Open Humans. My work is funded by a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship, which supports my vision for applying "open" principles to change how we share and study health and personal data.

I combine advocacy and technology to explore new, participant-centered approaches for health and personal data sharing, research, and citizen science. My work is multifaceted: I collaborate with diverse research teams and citizen scientists, perform outreach through writing and speaking, and oversee Open Humans technical development and operations.

More about me:

About Open Humans

Open Humans is a nonprofit project that combines technology and community to advance an open and participant-centric approach to human subjects research. By working with the individuals who are contributing to research, we can enable new ways to share data and new approaches to doing science.

Open Humans is a program of the Open Humans Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to making a wide spectrum of data about humans accessible to increase biological literacy and improve human health.

Open Humans enables diverse new approaches to research and more, including:

  • An "open cohort" approach
    where individuals join multiple studies, and can share data between them.
  • Giving data to participants
    so they can explore their own data – and choose when to share with others.
  • External data sources
    enabling volunteers to initiate new data streams.
  • Citizen-led projects
    that work with members and their data, e.g. data commons, data exploration, and citizen science.